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Why do people find the need to entrench themselves in rules and policies?

For me, whenever anyone (especially those in authority) say "Kaleb don't do that!" I feel the instant desire to do it. Although desire probably isn't an accurate synonym. It's more like I have to do it or I'll explode. I've been this way for as long as I can remember.

Now that I have entered the workforce, I find there are so many rules and regulations. Granted, some of these have real merit (such as the recycling policies, and earwig steel cap boots when you enter the workshop)

However, there are some rules that are just plain idiotic. What are some examples of this behavior, why do people do it? Is it because (This is my assumption) they are afraid of the unknown? They are afraid of taking risk? Or is something that happens during the "nurturing" phase of life with overprotective parents. Maybe it's even a genetic thing.


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    Jan 7 2013: There's nothing i hate more than someone telling me "You can't do this.." or "Who gave you permission.."
    When we're all born equal no one has the authority to decide what someone else can can or can't do. I've always has this mind set since i was a kid
    But i guess a lot of people like being told what to do
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      Jan 7 2013: Amen. I have a very similar mind set, I think it's probably the reason I'm always in trouble.
      I think if people mad their own decisions the world might be a little smarter. And a little less populated.
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        Jan 7 2013: But the sad part is that some people are in a psychological prison that makes them accept every rule given by a figure of authority without questions asked no matter how pointless or stupid it may be.
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        Jan 12 2013: Re: "...And a little less populated."

        What you said seems to imply that rules may be what made humans the dominating species on the planet. Don't you think, some rules help to avoid mistakes already made before us?

        Check out this article
        It seems to say that ability to obey rules may be a useful trait.

        What do you think?

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