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I'm most anxious to shed my duality ridden consciousness. Does any one have any suggestions about the best way(s) to start?

i'm sick of myself. i crave a larger picture of things. i would appreciate any suggestions as to how an ego-cenric person, me, can get started on freeing myself. that sounds stupid. i can imagine myself telling someone to just do it. i need some distance from my own picture of reality.


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  • Dec 20 2012: Trust your duality with this thought Ted, ... It's a quote by a man named Rudolf Steiner

    ...thinking must never be regarded as merely a subjective activity. Thinking lies beyond subject and object. It produces these two concepts just as it produces all others. When, therefore, I, as thinking subject, refer a concept to an object, we must not regard this reference as something purely subjective. It is not the subject that makes the reference, but thinking. The subject does not think because it is a subject; rather it appears to itself as a subject because it can think. The activity exercised by man as a thinking being is thus not merely subjective. Rather is it something neither subjective nor objective, that transcends both these concepts. I ought never to say that my individual subject thinks, but much more that my individual subject lives by the grace of thinking.
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      • Dec 21 2012: It's just a sophisticated deception :) Ego tries to convince itself that it is real.
        • Dec 21 2012: Not at all Natasha,

          Read it again. Slowly. It's really a revolutionary statement!
      • Dec 21 2012: Hi Mike,

        Sorry, .....Could be I misunderstood your question. I do think I know the feeling though...

        Life's a bitch ... and then you die ....
    • Dec 21 2012: Daniel,
      we find what we seek. Tell me what you seek and I'll tell you what you've found :)

      It's revolutionary in terms that ' thinking ' is viewed as a phenomenon which is prior to to individual subject. It's not you that think , it's ' thinking' that makes you you.
      The question arises : what is ' thinking ' ? It can't jump to the category of God or spirit, or consciousness .
      In this category nothing is defined or known but what is more or less clear is that neither of those think.
      I may be totally wrong , but i see ' thinking' here as a system as ' collective ' neither subjective nor objective but both.And i agree with that. But individual being and thinking is a substructure , a collective ego, if you will; it is not all inclusive.It makes you what you think you are, but it is not who you are.
      If it is what i think it is, what is revolutionary here ? Maybe you see it differently and maybe you are right, so.... what did i miss ?

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