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Breaking Away from the Dystopian Cliché

What kind of aspects, challenges, conflicts and/or problems would you like to exhibit and experience from a story depicting a peaceful, prosperous and abundant city/society/world beyond scarcity, money, war, poverty and human suffering, assuming it didn't turn out Dystopian, to make it interesting, engaging and immersive?


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  • Jan 9 2013: First and foremost excellent question! I agree when you state a utopian society is impossible. I believe humans worry far beyond their limits. We have grown in a world where we are taught that laws mean order and without order society will crumble. If we all focused on more simple things, the world would be a utopia on its own. We already live in utopia, we just forgot about it and created this evil world on our own. In today's world I believe order is needed, but in the true, natural world order is foolish. Ego is the most dangerous weapon out there, if humans learned to realize themselves and stop worrying about things that don't make sense like money, or possessions and instead focused on happiness, this world we live in, will naturally be a utopia.

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