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Breaking Away from the Dystopian Cliché

What kind of aspects, challenges, conflicts and/or problems would you like to exhibit and experience from a story depicting a peaceful, prosperous and abundant city/society/world beyond scarcity, money, war, poverty and human suffering, assuming it didn't turn out Dystopian, to make it interesting, engaging and immersive?


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  • Dec 20 2012: Make a story normalizing what people find objectionable, I think controversy is the only way to make it interesting. Given that conflict is the essence of what makes stories interesting.

    Think of the current worlds greatest outcasts for certain behaviors, then make those behaviors normal and entered into freely in the future. Would ruffle a lot of feathers.
    • Dec 20 2012: I like that! And that would in fact be the very nature of a story that depicts that kind of "Utopian" society. Many things would be different, that would require an explanation. I would argue that that in and of itself would be interesting and perhaps even appealing to an audience.

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