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Is TED a scam?

Who attends these meetings or whatever it is you guys call them? How does this organization qualify as a non-profit?

Just wanted to clarify...maybe I am wrong. Some input would be great.

1. How can you charge people 75 dollars (knowing certain people cannot afford that) and then claim its a non-profit trying to help the planet?

2. If I am wrong...and TED does do something amazing...what is it?


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    Dec 20 2012: For starters I think we have seen bigger communities of intellectuals...so I wont even comment on that. My point is very simple...and you can all rant all you want about how great these forums are.

    Fact is...if TED has this huge influence...shouldn't TED be doing something with it?

    Or is that just...way out in left field?
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      Dec 20 2012: No Henry, your idea is not way out in left field. I have gotten the impression from the beginning of my participation on TED, that the goal was to build a "community". It even says "TED community" on the top bar, where we can find all the members:>)

      So, the question is not what TED can do for you, but what can YOU do for the community?

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