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Is TED a scam?

Who attends these meetings or whatever it is you guys call them? How does this organization qualify as a non-profit?

Just wanted to clarify...maybe I am wrong. Some input would be great.

1. How can you charge people 75 dollars (knowing certain people cannot afford that) and then claim its a non-profit trying to help the planet?

2. If I am wrong...and TED does do something amazing...what is it?


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    Dec 20 2012: Think TED's a scam.

    Hangs out in TED because of the discussions.

    Loves conversations and ideas and innovations.

    TED is a pigheaded prop.

    Funny thread, nice to see some troll humor here every now and then.
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      Dec 20 2012: I like the discussions...no doubt...that really has nothing to do with what TED is doing. However, your use of rhetoric isn't surprising...that's what this kind of forum breeds.

      You said TED is a pigheaded prop....when I was referencing a specific statement. You then take it...generalize it...and use it as you did. I mean that's fine...but let's call it for what it is.

      Don't act like im this "negative Nancy" until you can prove it. Am I wrong? Does TED not use people as a marketing platform for other companies?

      Since you limit the demographic....this isn't an "Ideas Bank" ...its a group of people that like to hang out and talk about stuff.

      That's fine..again...but let's stop pretending here. Have your meetings...and your little brainstorming sessions...but don't act like your making any sort of change for anybody. Plenty of people put in good work for humanity...im not so sure any of them are on this thread.
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        Dec 20 2012: According to the FAQ on this website about speakers who present their ideas in talks at the conferences, the demographic of talk-givers is not limited by their ability to pay to attend. Their airfare, accomodations, and pass to the four day event are covered by TED. They receive no stipend to speak, however.
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        Dec 20 2012: Henry,
        For me, the discussion has EVERYTHING to do with what TED is about. I cannot afford to go to the conferences, and I can watch them right from my home because TED provides that service. Like any other non-profit, there are expenses generated, both in providing the talks in person, as well as electronically. I think just the fact that I can watch these videos and connect with people around the world on a daily basis, for no cost to me is pretty amazing.

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