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Is TED a scam?

Who attends these meetings or whatever it is you guys call them? How does this organization qualify as a non-profit?

Just wanted to clarify...maybe I am wrong. Some input would be great.

1. How can you charge people 75 dollars (knowing certain people cannot afford that) and then claim its a non-profit trying to help the planet?

2. If I am wrong...and TED does do something amazing...what is it?


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    Dec 20 2012: So this is what we have so far.

    1) TED doesn't have to do anything amazing.
    2) If you cannot afford a ticket...maybe you don't belong at the conferences.

    :) you all can have your expensive meetings...some of us understand what's really going on here.
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      Dec 20 2012: Good things are not always amazing.There is no prerequisite that demands TED do everything in an amazing way.You seem to believe that everything should be affordable for everyone. That is not so. The TED cash cow is based on the spectacularly high price of a seat in the venue where the remarkable talks are being delivered live. Then the high-quality videos-with translation- are made available to the 6.999999999 billion of us who cannot attend live. I think it's amazing that Technology (the "T" in TED) allows me to "attend" at no charge. You have contributed 137 heart-felt, passionate comments so you should see the value of TED, even with the flaws you perceive. Stick around sir, share some positive, constructive energy with us. Be well!
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        Dec 20 2012: Edward...I have no problem with what TED is doing...wave the right flag though..thats all im saying...dont walk around with "flag A" when you obviously fly under "flag B"...understand what im saying?
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          Dec 20 2012: No, Henry, I need more information to understand your issue with TED, if you think it is constructive to pursue the subject. Thanks!.

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