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Is TED a scam?

Who attends these meetings or whatever it is you guys call them? How does this organization qualify as a non-profit?

Just wanted to clarify...maybe I am wrong. Some input would be great.

1. How can you charge people 75 dollars (knowing certain people cannot afford that) and then claim its a non-profit trying to help the planet?

2. If I am wrong...and TED does do something amazing...what is it?


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  • Dec 20 2012: Are Universities scams? TED is a really cheap way to communicate and spread ideas. The most enjoyable reference to TED that I have seen was a scene that was not in the final cut for Prometheus. That's not a scam - It's part of educated culture.
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      Dec 20 2012: I was thinking the same. What a wonderful thing to make high quality talks across fields available at no charge to anyone with a computer!

      I think of TED as part of the online learning revolution for the intrinsically motivated.
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      Dec 20 2012: Yes George many Universities are scams.

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