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Is TED a scam?

Who attends these meetings or whatever it is you guys call them? How does this organization qualify as a non-profit?

Just wanted to clarify...maybe I am wrong. Some input would be great.

1. How can you charge people 75 dollars (knowing certain people cannot afford that) and then claim its a non-profit trying to help the planet?

2. If I am wrong...and TED does do something amazing...what is it?


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    Dec 20 2012: Communicate ideas and then what? What's the value of spending all this money on communication? Are we using this communication to do anything more than push brands?

    Does TED have any sort of government foundation that submits ideas...or are we just focused on making more money here? I mean...if a foundation does exist...what kind of ideas has it come up with?

    How much more progress could we make on cancer research if we didn't use any more money to communicate these ideas? If TED disappeared today...would millions of children go hungry?

    I guess I don't know enough about TED...so you could see this as an attack...or an inquiry. It would be nice to get funding to go across the country and evaluate these so called...non-profts. That wont ever happen...I could imagine trying to get access to some of these federally funded programs...I'm sure people are living quite nicely on dollar amounts that don't eqactly relate to work performed.

    I think instead of being fake...TED should consider opening to a more broad base of thinkers...people that aren't really able to pay 75 bucks because were too busy trying to make money in a horrible economy. If TED is going to fund these people...getting up on stage with nice outfits...why don't you start representing some people that don't have enough money to look as nice as some of you.

    I think its a huge mistake...trying to walk around pretending to be an institution of "ideas" when it really turns out to be a marketing platform for multiple companies across the globe. IBM logos and TEDCred...badges given for quantity...not quality. Pretty transparent.

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      Dec 20 2012: Yes the dreaded badge, i find it embarrassing as i haven't progressed along a measily ten since last year and to top it off, it has no currency value.

      I've been quite trollee lately with the massacre and the supposed world outrage towards it. I'm old fashioned and feel that victim privacy should of been observed.

      Another member was politely turned down a ticket by his local organizer as he didn't belong to an organization or foundation or a business though his forum input was exceptional. Ted only granted the rights for an organizer to use their brand but i think that is as far as it goes.

      Come on Henry, business is business even for a non profit like TED has to pay the bills, i don't think the acc firm they use donate their time unless they have an inhouse department.

      I would like to see academics and researchers at the end of their talks throw up a page on the screen showing links to whatever research they used, some of us are not great searchers....well, i'm not great at it.

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