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I'm launching into LIVING TED for 1 Year, beginning January 1, 2013. Will you help with technology expertise?

I have been quietly collecting TED Lessons, idea's, advice, inspirations etc. for about two years, and am now ready to take a leap of faith and gamble on ME! I am so worthy of this opportunity! (Recognizing this has been its own journey).

Here's where I'm challenged: Video blog? You tube channel? In a world of too much technology, the more I explore, the more confused I get!
Then I realized, I can ASK THE EXPERTS!
How do I "track" which TED talks I am incorporating into this year long adventure? What mechanisms for collecting data, experiences, learning etc., will help best to track my process?

I have framework for my plan: Specific ways of being/doing, practices, intentions, etc., broken down by month. Each reflects a TED talk, idea, and/or inspiration. Tracking the process is the challenge.
Please, ask questions! Offer tips, tricks, things to consider or to avoid.
I'm all ears, and Left/Right side brain! (Hint)
With love and blessings and hopefully a few cheers of encouragement along the way.
THANK YOU in advance!
In solidarity,
Fabulous Shannon


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    Dec 20 2012: Wow nice!!

    Well I am no expert but I think you should start a video blog, create a free blog at Blogger.com where you can add your daily/weekly activity and upload videos at youtube. Don't do it daily cuz imo that would be too much for you and audience. Good luck!! (looking forward to it)

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