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I'm launching into LIVING TED for 1 Year, beginning January 1, 2013. Will you help with technology expertise?

I have been quietly collecting TED Lessons, idea's, advice, inspirations etc. for about two years, and am now ready to take a leap of faith and gamble on ME! I am so worthy of this opportunity! (Recognizing this has been its own journey).

Here's where I'm challenged: Video blog? You tube channel? In a world of too much technology, the more I explore, the more confused I get!
Then I realized, I can ASK THE EXPERTS!
How do I "track" which TED talks I am incorporating into this year long adventure? What mechanisms for collecting data, experiences, learning etc., will help best to track my process?

I have framework for my plan: Specific ways of being/doing, practices, intentions, etc., broken down by month. Each reflects a TED talk, idea, and/or inspiration. Tracking the process is the challenge.
Please, ask questions! Offer tips, tricks, things to consider or to avoid.
I'm all ears, and Left/Right side brain! (Hint)
With love and blessings and hopefully a few cheers of encouragement along the way.
THANK YOU in advance!
In solidarity,
Fabulous Shannon

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    Dec 20 2012: Wow nice!!

    Well I am no expert but I think you should start a video blog, create a free blog at where you can add your daily/weekly activity and upload videos at youtube. Don't do it daily cuz imo that would be too much for you and audience. Good luck!! (looking forward to it)
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    Dec 20 2012: Sorry, I'm not a technology expert, but I do enjoy giving my opinion on questions. It does slightly seem like you have two different questions here, one being how you keep a record of which TED talks you're focusing on, and the second being how you put your entire experience on the Internet. On the first question, it seems worth saying that you can always keep a pen-and-paper record until you figure out a more sophisticated way of doing it. On the second question, I'll tell you that when I'm surfing the net, I'm much more likely to look at something on youtube than to read a blog.

    I noticed another community member, Rachel Tobias, has done something similar. You could look at her profile and follow her links to where she has blogged. Her thing seemed to be to watch a TEDtalk a day.

    I really like your idea. Remember, you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket. You can focus on TED but also read, listen to, talk about, follow other things that help your growth.
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    Dec 20 2012: Go girl! I'm all in favor of chasing after something more than anthropocentric hedonism, aka stuff. Is there more to this than just validating that Shannon is Fabulous? What's in it for the TED community?. . . for the world?
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      Dec 20 2012: Edward,
      Many thanks for your enthusiastic response and curious inquiry.
      Great questions! This year long quest is so much more than being about me. First, I will graciously admit that I wasn't always so fabulous. For what feels like a hundred years ago, I was beaten, believed that I was worthless and consequently, ready to die. (The "story" will most likely surface at some point during this process). What has become one of many profound lessons is to realize why people come to believe in me. Once those same people get past the intensity of the story, they begin to realize the enormity of the decisions I've made and continue to make; and inevitably they begin to get "me."
      Second, It is my commitment to action, regardless of fear/judgement/failure/success, as well as self-evolution that assists others in beginning to realize their own possibilities.
      Third, those same people eventually say something along the lines of, "Wow, you really are as fabulous as you say you are!"
      This "fabulous-ness" goes well beyond ego (which catches the attention of curious people, like yourself), and lives and breathes in my authentic, vulnerable, raw and real self.
      Finally, I will agree that hedonism is present for me; now and always. However it is in my quest to feel the pleasure of witnessing others (TED COMMUNITY and oh my goodness to say it out loud; The world?!) who begin to see/feel/believe and with a bit of faith/luck and/or risk, consider acting on their worth and worthiness.
      I sincerely hope this answers your questions, Edward. If not, please let me know. I welcome your thoughts, further inquiry or perhaps even debate. I look forward to the possibility~
      In solidarity,
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    Dec 20 2012: How about asking Ted to stage a place in their blog for you with a morning coffee update short video and possibly another one in the afternoon with Sundays off.
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      Dec 20 2012: Ken,
      Thanks for your response and suggestion. The opportunity to be supported by TED is brilliant, possible and exciting.
      I will follow up on that with a powerful request.
      (Thinking out loud), I'm curious as to your thoughts on video/blog frequency. Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
      In solidarity,
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    Dec 20 2012: How about some sort of journal into which you can insert photos as well as narrative? If you prefer something online, you can insert links and video as well. Depending on where you do your thinking, you could carry with you a recording device and talk into it.

    This is so much a matter of personal taste. Another factor in your choice is whether you mean to share it widely with friends and even strangers, or whether this is more of a personal diary of your adventure. Obviously online accounts, such as websites and blogs are better suited for mass communications.
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      Dec 20 2012: Fritzie, (Love the name~)
      Thank you for your input and ideas.
      I have a flip cam for video's as well as an audio recorder.
      I have a little red notebook to jot down thoughts, ideas, etc. when first two are not feasible).

      My intention of course is to be so profoundly affected, that I will want to share it with others in mass.
      The mechanism with that end in mind is still unclear.

      In solidarity,
  • Dec 20 2012: Best of Luck!