Arcady Soclakov

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How employment of modern information technologies can help in preventing criminal and terrorist threats?

Methods of criminal and terrorist investigation change little in ideology from famous times of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Commissaire Jules Maigret: witty inspector, alone or with team, unfolds events from the end to the beginning. Weak predictions can be made about the event from the knowledge who, where, when.
I think information systems may be of additional help in revealing such will be criminals by recording history of violence events. A terrorist needs a time to ripen from innocent state of mind to readiness commit law breaking action. I don’t consider ill minded ones.

At present time there are functioning many national online alarm systems for monitoring security of homes, offices or what you want. Repeating outbreaks of violence in the same place or for the same person give invaluable information for law enforcement bodies.

But I don’t know the same on international level. Global alarm system may observe emerging law violating events and their distribution all over the times and places. Global search system, name it “Google Criminal”, may cluster this events over time-space and pinhole possible active infringers in time sequence.