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Is America too Paranoid?

Following recent gun-related events in America, the question on whether America should allow guns to be so widely accessible has come up.

It seems that the go-to argument for why guns should, under no circumstance, be restricted or limited appears to be this:
'if we aren't allowed to have guns, the government will come in and take away all our freedoms'.
(I'll belay the list of laws that have been passed over the last decade that essentially tore away at these very freedoms and that many of said people believe the president in power is a 'muslim-anti capitalist', yet the guns did nothing).

This logic also seems to apply to other areas too, such as terrorism and the military budget. Essentially that if we in any way alter 'xyz' then some undetermined evil is suddenly going to sweep in and destroy the fabric of the country, the population and its existence.

I've never seen these types of perspectives at such a mainstream level in any other country I've come across (including those with strict gun controls and small military budgets), so the question has to be asked:

Is America just too paranoid?

and perhaps by extension:
Is it hindering the country and its progress (both socially and economically)?


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    Dec 19 2012: American public are kept under pressure by the system itself... So these kind of events are just a byproduct of its frustration.... not all groups are given the same level of importance and the neglected want something. Clearly the killer had to loose something close to him and to compensate that his mind made a decision to do mass murder. I think that the system itself is flawed and the pressure should decrease on the people. Peoples minds are under pressure , they desperately are in need of inner freedom.I might be wrong but its a possible way to look at it !...

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