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The time is NOW for people to stand up and say 'No More Assault Weapons" and not wait for the government to legislate the change.

Change starts when people change, not when governments legislate change. Think back to the days when driving drunk was socially acceptable, no matter who died in the process. Then Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) formed. The rest is history.

The time is 'now o'clock'. We will change our resopnse to violence and stop purchasing violence video games as gifts for our children, and stop patronizing films that promote violence, mayhem and murder. Glorifying the horrific has become the norm.

What happened in Newtown, CT should never happen again.

Remember Mahatma Ghandi's words: "Be the change you want to see in the world". The time is now o'clock!


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  • Dec 31 2012: It is my opinion that civilians should not be allowed to own high-capacity semi-automatic weapons.

    Many of my friends are hunters and they do not use guns like these.
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      Dec 31 2012: What would you say to people who believe they have a right to own arms that put them on some type of parity with the military and law enforcement? against the eventuality that they will need them?
      • Dec 31 2012: I understand why our forefathers created the second amendment but much has changed since that time and I think we need to acknowledge those changes.

        In 1791 there were single shot powder loaded pistols and rifles. There were no Fighter Jets, Armored Vehicles, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons, Rocket-propelled Grenades, Helicopters, Rocket Launchers, ...

        Do we think state militias should still be on parity with the US Military?

        I do not believe we need to change the second amendment but need some more rational guns laws. We should keep in mind there are already in place many reasonable gun laws.
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          Dec 31 2012: In fact, the 2nd Amendment never needed to be dragged into the conversation. They have the ability to regulate arms without changing anything in the Bill of Rights.
        • Dec 31 2012: The Afghans beat the Russians and have held their ground against the US with mostly small arms. I think that a determined force could challenge the US.

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