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Who would be interested in having live webcam discussions on TED Videos?

I would like to know if anyone would be interested in participating in watching a TED video and create, discuss, and debate live over webcam/ google hangout/ skype. This also will create a place where TEDsters can meet other TEDsters.


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    Dec 20 2012: Just out of curiosity, Jon, when you say "watch a TED video," do you mean one single 18-minute video (isn't each TED talk about eighteen minutes long?) Although the eighteen-minute talks are good, I'm not sure they can inspire enough discussion to justify the effort of setting up the discussion. At the very least you'd probably have to watch two or three of them, perhaps two or three that relate to the same subject.

    As far as getting together, my only hesitation is that, judging by your picture you're about twenty-three, twenty-four, and I'm fifty-two. Thus we might lack some things in common. But if you think it could work, my number is 818.956.8269, or 818.247.6781. If you like, leave me your number here, or email it via my profile.
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      Dec 20 2012: Well depending on the video or series of videos my thought is that some individuals may need more time to digest the videos so having an agenda of which videos will be viewed can assist others creating their own thoughts and opinions before everyone goes live. When everyone is ready and we go "live" the group can show the videos to the watching audience and after the videos there will be a discussion.

      Another thought for the agenda portion is that watching the videos prior to going live may give the opportunity of creating topics and key points before everyone goes live. On the other hand it takes away from seeing the videos the first time. I would think if this were to come to pass then a moderator would be needed to keep the group on track and focused on topic just in case if the conversation spirals out of control or way off topic.
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      Dec 20 2012: BTW I am 27 but thank you for thinking that I am younger. Trying to keep my youthful looking self hahaha.

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