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We need stricter regulations on commercials about unhealthy foods on TV. Replacing those with ads about healthy food will make a difference.

As a concerned college student and a sister to a 6 year old brother, I wrote a research essay in a class a while ago on how childhood is being excessively commercialized.

I researched some data, and found out that
The amount of commercials displayed on TV is literally longer than the actual show that children watch on TV. From those commercials, food commercials dominate, and they are only about unhealthy foods, candies, and other junk foods. Most children in the U.S. aged 2-18 spend a good amount of time watching TV everyday. From those, 2-8 year old kids don't even have the reasoning skills to understand that commercials are meant to sell products to them. So the kids are very vulnerable to those excessive unhealthy commercials.
Then I went on to research about the restrictions, and policies on commercials that are being directed to our children. There are hardly any regulations about advertising unhealthy items to children in the U.S. I researched about other countries. Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are doing much better jobs to stop those bad commercials to reach to our susceptible little children.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is that regulating commercials that are being directed to children will be one way to lessen our problem. Government need to ban certain kind of commercials, or set a criteria for the commercials. Furthermore, it will be effective to utilize TV as a tool to educate children about healthy food. Replacing the unhealthy food commercials with short blurbs about healthy food will serve as a great tool to educate our children about food.


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