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What from of Government is most suitable in a technologically advanced society, in which communication and goods can be provided by anyone?

There are many forms of structure of society ranging from no government ( Such as anarchism) to forms of government (Monarchy to Democracy to Communism). So which is the best structure given the changing variables of our society such ad the sciences, technology, and other changes.


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  • Dec 28 2012: If you are talking close to one hundred years from now I think it depends upon the technology. But if the trends continue, the average person will have many dangerous tools at their use. Most would use these to improve their and other people's lives, but a few wouldn't. A government that keeps corporations honest is important. Besides that it should let people do what they want, besides maybe one or two transparent agencies. Those agencies would be involved in protecting the general public from dangerous computer viruses or weaponized viruses.

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