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Will you make a pledge to give away all the income you make over the national median in your country/state/or province?

I am not saying this is the right thing to do, so please no hate mail. But if anyone would like to make a pledge to give away all their salary above the national median in their country/state/ or province, feel free to do so here. You can give away the money to a worthy charity or a neighbor, it does not matter. This was inspired by the President of Uruguay, known jokingly as the poorest president in the world (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-20334136). He does this. I was hoping atleast ten people could pledge to do this, and we could stay in touch over the next couple years, sharing how it has changed our life. In years we make less than the national median, we can pledge to give 10 percent. Thanks for reading.


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    Dec 18 2012: why the national median? why not the world? why not the region? why not the profession?
    • Dec 19 2012: The world median is too low to live off of in industrialized countries. I'm assuming most of the people on TED are fairly well off. Region is a good idea. Thanks.
      • Dec 19 2012: "The world median is too low to live off of in industrialized countries."

        Krisztian knows full well that your landlord and local grocery store won't lower prices for people who took the pledge so people in industrialized countries would starve if they only had the global median income. But your suggestion of sacrificing to help the poor sets off a tingling in his newly developing conscience, which scares the hell out of him (the village libertarian) so he tries to make fun of you.
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        Dec 19 2012: and a national median is too low for a brain surgeon, a successful entrepreneur, or a highly trained engineer.

        let me guess, your income is close to the national average.
        • Dec 19 2012: I'm sorry, I generally don't understand humor very well. A brain surgeon, successful entrepreneur, or highly trained engineer should not take this pledge then. It would not make sense to give away money if you are buried in loans or have some other obligation. Thanks for the reply Krisztian and John, sorry if I offended with a previous post.
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        Dec 19 2012: no humor here on my part.

        well, your system won't work too well if nobody participates over the median, will it? i advise to think about my question a little more deeply.

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