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Will you make a pledge to give away all the income you make over the national median in your country/state/or province?

I am not saying this is the right thing to do, so please no hate mail. But if anyone would like to make a pledge to give away all their salary above the national median in their country/state/ or province, feel free to do so here. You can give away the money to a worthy charity or a neighbor, it does not matter. This was inspired by the President of Uruguay, known jokingly as the poorest president in the world (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-20334136). He does this. I was hoping atleast ten people could pledge to do this, and we could stay in touch over the next couple years, sharing how it has changed our life. In years we make less than the national median, we can pledge to give 10 percent. Thanks for reading.


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    Dec 18 2012: It has been argued before that if every able bodied person in the world gave just £1 (or its currency based equal) each month, we could fix every problem in the world within our lifetime. Atleast in theory.

    Surely there are more realistic ways to go about this issue.
    Especially since the median is just that. a median. it obligates the exemption of (typically) the majority (both those ON and below the median) (and the lower majority seems to be the ones who would be the most willing to give money, atleast as I can see).
    • Dec 19 2012: If somebody is on or below the median and they want to participate, they can pledge 10% of what they make. I am just looking for a couple people in the world to do this. Thanks for the reply!

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