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Of celebrities and wardrobe malfunctions: should the photographer have deleted the picture as a categorical imperative?

Does the public have the 'right' to see TV close-ups of relatives grieving over grisly photos of murder scenes? Or terrorists beheading hostages? And does the public always have the 'right to know'?
Decades ago, the tabloid ('yellow') press was where one would find salacious content; but now there is an increasing interest in private and intimate issues of celebrities.

Recently Anne Hathaway, was photographed exiting her car at the premiere of a new film, Les Miserables. There was a picture where her private part was seen.
Shouldn't we be bothered that our society has declined to one that wants to see the nakedness or naked pictures of celebrities?
Now, when things of this sort happens we are bound to jump into hasty conclusions and criticize. But we all make mistakes; and sometimes little seems like a lot.
Obsession with scandals and dirty details is an attitude of a section of the society.
In the Anne Hathaway case, do you think the photographer should have deleted the pictures?
Is the Kantian approach applicable?


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    Dec 21 2012: The photographer was ensuring that he and his family has an over-indulgent, money-no-object Christmas by not deleting that photo.

    Money overrides everything, including morals, ethics, right to privacy etc...

    But Krisztian does have a point - Ms Hathaway did choose to wear what she did, knowing full well that she had to climb indelicately out of a taxi in front of photographers.

    So who's to blame? Both I think. The relationship may be an immoral one, but it is still mutually beneficial.
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      Dec 21 2012: Are you sure that it was mutually benefitial? There is no evidence to support the fact that Mrs Hathaway intends to reveal what was revealed. Women wear skirts and such mistakes are possible.
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        Dec 21 2012: No, I'm not sure - but if the celebrity/papparazzi relationship was NOT mutually beneficial, then Ms Hathaway would have ensured that she would have worn getting-out-of-car-friendly clothes and then got changed afterwards.

        She must know by now that photographers poke their lenses in everywhere where celebrities are known to display their wares. She gave them what they wanted to see, so seems to me to be just as complicit as the photographer.

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