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“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” – Christopher Hitchens. Do you agree?

As human beings, when we first hear this quote we instantly agree to it and make a correlation with science. But when we actually listen to this quote and ponder about it, we figure we cannot entirely agree with this quote or disagree with it completely. This quote brings about various knowledge issues and in some cases you agree and some cases you cannot. The knowledge issues that come up are – science, history, human science, religion, belief, and faith.


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    Dec 25 2012: I'm not sure that it is a useful question to ask whether the quote applies generally. Hitchens likely used this quote in the context of discussing religious faith. If this quote is not meant to apply generally, the linguistic debates are inconsequential.
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      Dec 26 2012: it does not save the statement itself. if a statement only valid within some boundaries, include the boundaries in it. if i say all apples are green, having granny smith in head, it is a false statement. nobody cares what i have in mind. incorrect statements are to be corrected, not explained.

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