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How do you think corruption in India can be solved?

I'm wondering what steps need to be taken in order to reduce and potentially eliminate corruption in India. Since corruption is extremely widespread, it seems that drastic measures should have already been taken but haven't. If anyone has any thoughts as to solve the problem or why nothing has been done so far it would be much appreciated.

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    Dec 18 2012: reduce the power of the state, problem solved
    • Dec 18 2012: This solves corruption in the private sector (which is the source of most corruption in most societies) how exactly?
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        Dec 18 2012: private sector corruption does not concern us. it concerns the owners of the company only.
        • Dec 18 2012: What about the customers and employees (or people who didn't get a job because someone else bribed the recruiter)? Do you really think that doesn't demotivate people (demotivated people are less productive)?
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        Dec 18 2012: why would the customers care? they like the stuff they buy, they don't like the stuff they don't buy. why would they care about the internals of the company? employees are either the receivers of the bribe, in which case they more like it than not, or they are just bystanders, why would they care? either they like to work there or not. in the latter case, they leave. a company is the property of its owners. anyone else can get out of there if they don't like what's going on.
        • Dec 18 2012: "why would the customers care?"

          Because prices go up because of corruption and because consumers are (potential) employees too.

          "employees are either the receivers of the bribe, in which case they more like it than not, or they are just bystanders, why would they care?"

          Or they have to pay a bribe to keep their job or get one.

          "either they like to work there or not. in the latter case, they leave."

          Which makes the pool of potential jobs smaller for them, which means they'll have more trouble finding a job.

          I mean, how come you dismiss private sector corruption out of hand? The OP never specified he only meant state corruption and by your reasoning I shouldn't care about corruption in my country's motor department because I don't have a car and hence don't pay road taxes (which fund the motor department) and don't have to apply for vehicle related documents either. Even worse, by your reasoning I shouldn't care if all my friends lost their job as long as I keep mine. I'm sorry but I can't be that selfish and stupid (if all my friends lose their jobs my future becomes more uncertain as well, making it harder for me to get a mortgage or give it my best at my job, knowing that I may be fired on a whim and all of that destroys the local economy).
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        Dec 18 2012: "Because prices go up"

        so they switch to another provider. that's nice about the free market. competition. unlike governments.

        "Or they have to pay a bribe to keep their job or get one."

        or they just leave for another company. that's nice about the free market. competition. unlike governments.

        "which means they'll have more trouble finding a job"

        more than what? more than they would like to have? who cares, really? i would like to earn more money, work less, have less stupid clients, and all sorts of things. again: company is owned by owners. if they want their own (!) company to be corruption-ridden, it is their decision. i don't tell you what to do with your own furniture or clothing. if you buy a piece of art and set it on fire, or you buy a good wine and pour it out, i might not like it, but it is not my business.

        corruption automatically means state corruption, because private corruption solves itself in a free market setting. you can just walk away from it. state corruption makes people's lives terrible..
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          Dec 19 2012: Hmm I wonder if this resonates with the citizens of Smithland?
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    Dec 21 2012: Corruption why single out a country? Corruption of money is the one that gets people to get worked up about, this is more so because of relative deprivation. Yes we need to be worried about bribes and money based corruption for it directly leads to accumulation of power since power and money go hand in hand. The desire for power is what we need to fear. But as a nation that is religious by nature, one would see people donating loads of jewellery and cash to temples.. I guess if corruption needs to be curtailed in India it has to be done through the religion route. We need to add up a new caste.... and put the corrupted people in that category and destine them to perdition or rebirth as a despicable worm or roach
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    Dec 20 2012: The process for establishing a middle class are two fold, wealth distribution and education. Focus these two things on the women, the process goes more quickly, there is plenty of reasoning in the form of 'studies' explaining why this is; in my view, its undestood quite well using simple common sense. The entrenched cultural issues which impede this process of social emancipation are more difficult to deal with, the cast system and the underpriveliged status of many women. Even here the cure is as I mentioned earlier, wealth distribution and education, focused primarily on the women. The status of women, is I think the main issue that needs to be addressed, the elephant in the room if you will. Statistically, within India, the states within where women are known to have higher status, i.e. less purda, more access to education, more equivalent nutrition, the general stats for social equality, health etc, are also good. I use Kerala as a case in point. In fact I lived in India for a time and found it a kind of comparible crucible for the entire human race in one place. Elevate the status of women globally, out of mediaeval servitude and social depravity and all society changes for the better.
  • Dec 19 2012: Education.

    First, teach children the benefits of honest government and the costs of corruption.

    Second, education can provide the population with a good life, with no need to take bribes to make ends meet..

    Its a long term solution, but it takes a long time to solve cultural problems.
  • Dec 18 2012: "How do you think corruption in India can be solved?"

    Making the income distribution less skewed always helps, but ultimately it's a cultural thing.
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    Dec 18 2012: Like a police detective would say : "Follow the money"! See who is getting benefited and bring them to justice.
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    Dec 18 2012: Shrink government.