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How do you think corruption in India can be solved?

I'm wondering what steps need to be taken in order to reduce and potentially eliminate corruption in India. Since corruption is extremely widespread, it seems that drastic measures should have already been taken but haven't. If anyone has any thoughts as to solve the problem or why nothing has been done so far it would be much appreciated.


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    Dec 20 2012: The process for establishing a middle class are two fold, wealth distribution and education. Focus these two things on the women, the process goes more quickly, there is plenty of reasoning in the form of 'studies' explaining why this is; in my view, its undestood quite well using simple common sense. The entrenched cultural issues which impede this process of social emancipation are more difficult to deal with, the cast system and the underpriveliged status of many women. Even here the cure is as I mentioned earlier, wealth distribution and education, focused primarily on the women. The status of women, is I think the main issue that needs to be addressed, the elephant in the room if you will. Statistically, within India, the states within where women are known to have higher status, i.e. less purda, more access to education, more equivalent nutrition, the general stats for social equality, health etc, are also good. I use Kerala as a case in point. In fact I lived in India for a time and found it a kind of comparible crucible for the entire human race in one place. Elevate the status of women globally, out of mediaeval servitude and social depravity and all society changes for the better.

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