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How can I, as a teenager, get started in what I have recently found to love?

I am very passionate about education and helping others excel. After watching several talks on liberal education, creativity in school, and the creation of an amazing tutoring program, I decided that I want to develop a school unlike any other.

As a middle-schooler, I attended The Galloway School in Atlanta, GA. It was extremely centered around liberal education with one-on-one help, student-teacher relationships, community, and the drive to learn. I, not only am only a sophomore, but tend to lose my "drive" quickly; how can I keep going with my goal?

I love the idea of liberal education, but have no idea where to start or what to do to help the education problem in America and slums all across the world? Any ideas on what to keep up my goal?

If you have any education experience it would also help.



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    Dec 18 2012: random chance is correct in the approach to creating a path for you to goal access.This is not a format everyone knows,or has experienced as true...but not everyone has a vision of passion...so this proceedure is not for average people...but those that are creating anew.

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