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The conversation on gun violence should be made broader and include a much needed look at violence in the 21st century.

In a recent emotional post on Facebook, a friend of mine wrote a very incendiary remark stating that men way outnumber women in perpetrating violent crimes and she's so troubled by this idea and wants to know why.
I'm chiming in because I'm very concerned with violence against children, against women, against gays, against the poor and the disenfranchised. I'm very concerned about the escalation of violence due to mental health, economic, global climate impacts, and diminished "rule of law" in the coming decades. In many cultures around the world that favor sons instead of daughters, with the high numbers of unemployment rates among young men, I'm fearful of what the implications may be just from this thought. This is the reason why we shouldn't skirt issues too sensitive to discuss and broaden this conversation.

  • Dec 20 2012: There is a Violence against Women Act. The first person convicted was a woman who killed a man. The big difference is probably men can usually hit harder
  • Dec 20 2012: "violence against children, against women, against gays, against the poor and the disenfranchised."
    this pisses me off, you can't just say people? I have noticed that more and more it seems like men are not included on lists like this
  • Dec 20 2012: I agree.

    The problem is violent behavior. If there is a solution to the "gun problem" it is reducing violence, and I strongly suspect that the solution will apply across all forms of violence. I do not have that solution, but I think we should start in the schools, by emphasizing nonviolence and including nonviolent conflict resolution in the curriculum.

    School shootings are dramatic and catch the attention of the media. How many other people were victims of violence on that day? If you do not know, why not? Because the media did not report it.
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    Dec 18 2012: You might not like what i'm about to say and it might go against what you and others might believe, Women are more than likely to kill their own children rather than men but i can't back this up with links. I can only state what i heard from one of our local talkback shows dj's, an impartial Dj rather than a ratings Dj and one that was amazed at the findings. We are a surprisingly violent species, crime goes up when money goes down.

    Look, the top paragraph isn't an attack on women but to point out that violence is not wholely centric to one gender though a part of us wants it to be.

    You need to understand that the Gun was one of your countries founding fathers and is written in your blood, It's culturally a part of you whether you like or not. The Gun played a major role in my countries founding but it is a tool in our mindsets not a weapon, that doesn't mean individuals in my country haven't done what that young man did, it is just that we don't worship it and the fact that we have a manageable population, it doesn't make us exempt though.