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What would the next Homo Sapiens look like? What kinds of characteristics would they have?

Homo Sapiens Idaltu (the subspecies) is dated to be 160,000 years old and Homo Sapiens Sapiens (the subspecies) reached full behavioral modernity 50,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens (the species) arrived on the evolutionary scene about 200,000 years ago. Doesn't that mean that we've been due for another evolution for quite sometime now? Or have we already evolved and didn't even notice? Or have we been preventing our own evolution via medicine and technological enhancements? Or have those enhancements really done the opposite? Enhanced our evolution? Either way, what are the characteristics of this new subspecies that could already be here today or will show its face in the centuries to come?

In other words, what do scientists, philosophers, and you think is the natural evolutionary step in our own species? Especially given this new human-built environment that we have been constructing for the past millenia.

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    Mar 31 2011: Someone noted, that evolution is a ramdom numbers game, so to speak. And unless a deadly virus or some kind of violent force destroys all of mankind except for some unaffected few for genetic reasons, who then continue on life again, breeding all over the place with their specific DNA, evolution isn't really going to happen...our own technology stops that. Humanities evolution is our technology. We'll advance as it advances.
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      Apr 1 2011: Do you think that the technology that we create affects our own neuronal evolution and thus promotes a gradual biological mutation that will come to predominate human society? I guess I'm wondering if certain people will be more likely to survive than others based on the increasingly human-created environments we have been constructing for the past few millenia.

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