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How would you change society? From school systems to laws to how we consume essentials.

Creativity is much more important to me than memorizing fact. I believe our school system is utterly flawed and needs to be changed, but why stop there? Why can't we just change what we do instantly. We have become programed like computers to go on the same routines day in and day. Why do we make change so harsh in our society? If i were to change one thing about our society right now, it would to not make money the priority but the experiences we have with one another.


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    Dec 17 2012: firstly,our values from pirate,medevil,and colonial days are everywhere around us,so in every story book,prom competion,in our 1%. This atmosphere make it difficult to insert better value systems based on harmony,order,reciprocity,justice,balance,and truth..so if every one of us has a heart and a conscience..we still interact as if life is a lotrery and winner take all..so we can parade around enjoying our status...schools dont change their content because it supports our pirate culture..and we suffer as we maintain or indiference to destruction inherent in the systems. This internal destruction maintains the suffering level to support the need for war ect...Firstly.we cant change a system,because we no longer know what roots our souls to this shared experience...we sadly only know consumer opiates,and capital giants media slogans....so how can you teach differently...when you are ingesting a diet of invention,and have experienced lesser amounts of harmony?

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