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How would you change society? From school systems to laws to how we consume essentials.

Creativity is much more important to me than memorizing fact. I believe our school system is utterly flawed and needs to be changed, but why stop there? Why can't we just change what we do instantly. We have become programed like computers to go on the same routines day in and day. Why do we make change so harsh in our society? If i were to change one thing about our society right now, it would to not make money the priority but the experiences we have with one another.


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    Dec 17 2012: I watched the related talk about schools killing creativity, and I fully agree! Creativity is immensely important. Education is so very important..

    I believe that we should have more security and funding for our education system here in the U.S.

    There should be officers at schools for protection. But yet the U.S. Department of Education currently administers a budget of $68 billion in discretionary appropriations...

    Although, the military budget in the U.S. is about $664.84 billion... which everyone believes in needed for "our protection". I'm sorry but, I am more afraid of terrorists in my own country than I am from anywhere else.

    Does this seem right?

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