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How would you change society? From school systems to laws to how we consume essentials.

Creativity is much more important to me than memorizing fact. I believe our school system is utterly flawed and needs to be changed, but why stop there? Why can't we just change what we do instantly. We have become programed like computers to go on the same routines day in and day. Why do we make change so harsh in our society? If i were to change one thing about our society right now, it would to not make money the priority but the experiences we have with one another.

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    Dec 19 2012: Trey, you assert our school system is utterly flawed and needs to be changed. In what way do you think it is utterly flawed?

    You seem to imply that people can't change what they do instantly. I believe people can change what they do instantly, so I would disagree with you there. I also don't agree that we have become programmed like computers to go on the same routines day in and day out. I don't agree that we make change so harsh in our society. I don't agree that money is the priority in our society, although it may seem so on the surface. I think the experiences we have with one another are closer to being the priority already.
  • Dec 18 2012: School system flaw and creativity loss is a frequent topic.

    Learning takes work. Learning to work effectively takes effort, self-discipline, and diligence. These are not inherent human traits, so learning to work and perform in school presents many personal challenges for students. I agree that education should be better funded and include opportunities for creative learning and expression. However, I see education as having several parts, not all are weighted equally.

    The basics of science, math, English, history, the arts are part of what most people need to be successful as adults later in life. It is not a tailored education for individuals, it is the best average as determined by people dedicated to studying such things. How the subjects are weighted is also determined by the school system, but based on past experience. The school system has a responsibility to see that the money they get from taxes goes to serve the greatest good possible, so they focus on the best average solution for the funds available. This includes providing for ALL the students, including special needs students such as those with handicaps or at the extreme ends of the learning curves. As additional funds allow, the experience can be enriched by special opportunities, creative learning, and extra-cirricular activities. That is just on leg of learning though.

    Students can learn on thier own, learn with their parents or grandparents, do independent study or many other things. Usually schools try and foster such activities, but they must do the other part first.

    We need to let our education system evolve, not throw it away.
  • Dec 21 2012: 1. Continue to try and change myself first.

    2. Remember, and teach to, the top 5%. of achievers and those with high aptitudes. Remember, and care for, the rest.

    3. Remember that, in teaching and learning, one must be taught discrimination learning before one can teach one's self to generalize (teach one's self the unfamiliar based upon what one knows about the familiar - this is creativity and it cannot be taught, only guided).

    4. Be involved in a faith organization and try to have friends to actually talk to face-to-face on a regular basis about real things.

    5. Outlaw divorce except for the most egregious circumstances.

    6. Remember the first part of the Serenity Prayer.

    7. Remember that the smartest people in the world generally do not take themselves too seriously.
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    Dec 17 2012: Who says that the experiences we have with each other are a lesser priority to people than making money?

    This, frankly, seems more something people like to assume about others than a picture of the status quo.

    Why we cannot just change what we do instantly depends on what precisely you mean. You cannot lose 25 pounds instantly, because thermodynamics don't work that way in the human body. But you can embark on the project of such change instantly.

    Many systems cannot be altered entirely instantly for reasons specific to those systems, but change can begin instantly. Many people do not embark on the same routine daily (if you do, try changing things up!) and the times when schools were mainly about memorization are, I believe based on experience, very long gone.

    Another interesting question in human psychology is why people love to deny the changes that are, in fact, taking place around them or to assume change is not taking place?
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    Dec 17 2012: I watched the related talk about schools killing creativity, and I fully agree! Creativity is immensely important. Education is so very important..

    I believe that we should have more security and funding for our education system here in the U.S.

    There should be officers at schools for protection. But yet the U.S. Department of Education currently administers a budget of $68 billion in discretionary appropriations...

    Although, the military budget in the U.S. is about $664.84 billion... which everyone believes in needed for "our protection". I'm sorry but, I am more afraid of terrorists in my own country than I am from anywhere else.

    Does this seem right?
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    Dec 17 2012: I am sure:
    The society will change if we quit ineffective (INVALID) happiness.
  • Dec 17 2012: The greater the population density the higher the per capita violence. We can also lower wages that way, increase stress,etc. etc. Why does no one mention that factor in the Connecticut shooting? We have data for people and animals. Even for Sci-Fi The Dorsai Experiment. Duh This kind of stuff didn't used to happen when we sere rural and everyone had guns.