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If you could jump in to the future and see one thing for yourself now, what would that be ?

It is impossible to see the future but I just want to know /learn what are the things that you are eager to know of future.

In my case,

I would have jumped in to the future and saw whether Peace comes to my country Afghanistan or not.


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  • Jan 12 2013: Well, frankly speaking, it would be a buzz kill, so I'd rather not lol

    But if I should, then personally, I just want to see how I’d be doing in the future—whether it's 20 years after or 30 years after.

    And if there's anyone who died or something changed drastically in my country, then I shall keep this in mind that I should treat the person who will die in 20 years wholeheartedly so that I wouldn't regret while saying, "I should have been better to him/her." in the future.

    If what future shows me is something bad, something we wouldn't really want to face, I would keep cheering myself up to do something right to see if I can give it a shot to change the flow of future generation's 'drastic change' beforehand.

    …And even if I have a chance to see what would really happen in the future, I wouldn’t want to convince people as some sort of prophet.

    Even if I see what future holds for us, I shall not talk about it a lot.
    I know how small I am. I may be passionate, but I don’t want to force people to listen to me as if I am the only one who knows the truth. They might not listen to me at all.

    So many burdens to take.

    Nonetheless, interesting question, indeed! :)

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