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If you could jump in to the future and see one thing for yourself now, what would that be ?

It is impossible to see the future but I just want to know /learn what are the things that you are eager to know of future.

In my case,

I would have jumped in to the future and saw whether Peace comes to my country Afghanistan or not.


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  • Jan 4 2013: I'm gonna be a bit selfish here - I've lived with war, violence and death for a sizable chunk of my early life. I've also had to face it down myself a few times in these later years. It's not death that bothers me though. It's somewhat familiar to me now. What does bother me about it however is not finding out about how everybody's life works out.

    Will B realize her potential and come to terms with her mom before it's to late.
    Will my nieces stay close and draw strength from each other.
    Will my little brother find peace.
    Will my nephew chase his own path.
    How will E's marriage survive the MS.

    So many questions and hopes for the future. It's impossible to pick one.

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