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If you could jump in to the future and see one thing for yourself now, what would that be ?

It is impossible to see the future but I just want to know /learn what are the things that you are eager to know of future.

In my case,

I would have jumped in to the future and saw whether Peace comes to my country Afghanistan or not.


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    Jan 2 2013: Rafi, it's of course a loving concern you have about your Afghanistan. What would you do once you found out whether there is peace or not on a chosen future date? Would it alter the course of your days? How would it alter the course of your citizenship today?
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      Jan 2 2013: Hi Genevieve,

      I have actually spent my whole life in war, my mother said when I was born war was continuing in our village, I spent my childhood & teenage time hiding from bullets and surviving. I count myself one of lucky ones who survived.

      Unfortunately it is still not over and I,m tired of it , I just want to get out of this situation no matter what I need to do and would never want my kids go through this experience.
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        Jan 7 2013: You might be a young person, but I hope you might be happy to know that there are people in their 50s and 60s who remember being curious international tourists in Afghanistan in the 1970s--going to see the buddha statues in Bamyan and the markets in Kabul. They miss this dearly. But, I really think that peace-time Afghanistan is retrievable :) Nothing is impossible!

        I have an idea: why not put out a request to people on TED, on Facebook, and twitter--all over the world to upload their old beautiful pictures of Afghanistan? Build up a digital memory of what Afghanistan really is in peace times. I think people would totally participate--who wouldn't want to celebrate having known this lovely country when it was open to the world? Looking back, what a rare opportunity it was! And it would be a lovely tribute to a culture put on hold for 30 years. Who knows, it could motivate the hardest people to turn this war around. I know one Japanese man who has photos of himself visiting the buddha statues that he showed me once. I'll ask him to upload them (tho he might not like FB). I'll ask the TED community in an "idea" module if they have any photos to share to a FB page. If so, I'd love to show you the "future" of Afghanistan :) (made from important pieces from the past...) [Update: Some friends have helped already: https://www.facebook.com/TheAfghanistanIKnow ]

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