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If you could jump in to the future and see one thing for yourself now, what would that be ?

It is impossible to see the future but I just want to know /learn what are the things that you are eager to know of future.

In my case,

I would have jumped in to the future and saw whether Peace comes to my country Afghanistan or not.


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    Dec 22 2012: Peace
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      Dec 22 2012: thank you Colleen.
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      Dec 24 2012: You will have to wait until after mankind is gone for that. So I expect that to be far in the future.

      Unless we hold our leaders personally responsible for "collateral damage" (death of civilians). With a death sentence for collateral damage, war ends overnight.
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        Dec 24 2012: No David....I want it NOW!!!

        I don't think/feel we can "hold our leaders personally responsible". I truly believe peace begins with each and every one of us as individuals. How will peace grow as a global goal, if we do not start the seeds in ourselves?
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          Dec 25 2012: "I don't think/feel we can "hold our leaders personally responsible"."

          By that logic, if a Mafia boss orders someone to kill someone else, and they do, the mafia boss should not be held responsible. If you start a war you should be held accountable for your actions.

          From a purely logical perspective, if an opposing force targets just the leaders less people will die, the wars will have less of a chance of starting in the first place, and the war will end quickly, with less people dead.

          What is the death ration in the first Iraq war 3 or 4 civilians to every soldier? What is the ratio of civilians to terrorists in the drone strike campaigns?
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        Dec 25 2012: David,

        Yes, I agree....if a person starts a war, s/he should be held accountable. However, very few wars are started by only one person. A person needs support to enter full force into a war. WE elect those who have the capability to start wars, so ultimately, it is our responsibility as well......would you agree? Too many people have died in wars...it is time to stop fighting.
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          Dec 25 2012: Note the word "leaders" in my comments above. I do not mean one person. I mean all people voting for and starting a war that leads to civilian death.

          My question is simple, why do we not consider collateral damage murder, and why do we not hold those responsible accountable?

          War is a word that says, I am a leader and a thug, wishing to reallocate wealth through violence, or to pay those who support me in an indirect way.
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        Dec 25 2012: Noted.

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