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Is it possible to overcome of the feeling 'worthless' for you haven't been loved enough ever?

Lots of people feel alone and worthless for they are alone and not loved enough.but what if you are aware of the answer which is 'this is not true.you are precious', can you get over this feeling by the help of your consciousness?


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  • Dec 21 2012: Just a few suggestions that may help.

    1. If someone I loved was having problems with depression I would get them on anti-depressent medication since sometimes a large part of the problem may be physiological - I advise that you do this if possible.

    2 Identify areas in your life where you are "keeping score" and stop keeping score - ego works both ways and you don't want the highs and lows of scoring or not scoring as in more/less money, more/fewer friends, ...

    3. Practice "not thinking" as in meditating where your only thoughts are about your breathing, or a mantra - and try to go longer and longer without concious thought.

    4. Get, if possible, the book "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who went brain dead and revived to tell us of his journey into the afterlife - he incidently was given up for adoption by his birth mother as an infant and struggled with being/not being loved.

    Best wishes.

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