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Is it possible to overcome of the feeling 'worthless' for you haven't been loved enough ever?

Lots of people feel alone and worthless for they are alone and not loved enough.but what if you are aware of the answer which is 'this is not true.you are precious', can you get over this feeling by the help of your consciousness?


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    Dec 16 2012: How do you know lots of people feel alone and worthless? Have you talked to lots of people who said they felt this way?
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      Dec 17 2012: Think about how many children who have been abused. There is a large amount!! Most likely they later on feel this way. Including myself. I was abused and neglected and then taken away from my mother at 6, put into the home of my grandmother. I felt like a burden. I am sure I am not alone since there is a report of child abuse every 5 seconds. 80% of 21 year olds who were abused as children have at least one psychological disorder.

      I don't feel worthless now, but I have. I know people who feel this way.
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        Dec 17 2012: Sorry about all that, Haley. How is it you felt like a burden living with your grandmother? Aren't grandmothers generally warm and loving people? Mine were.
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          Dec 19 2012: The relationship changed, but she was not really around me much before I lived with her anyways. She was no longer grandmother but basically my new mom.

          I never felt that she was warm and loving toward me. But I was also very shy and liked to keep distance. She did care about me though I believe, I can't think of another reason why she would have allowed me to live with her if she wasn't a loving person in some ways.
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          Dec 20 2012: hi Haley,

          this was excitely what I meant when I asked my question.there are lots of People like and me (I also was ignored and hurt in many ways by my family and some others and this cause also low self-esteem in me and I struggled with this for a long time ) and this proves that there are lots of people who havent been loved enough...

          thanx for ur answer and sincere sharing of ur life story...

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