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Title: why are some presidents of USA wild about waving wars in other countries? such as the one in Lybia.

Conversation: I used to appreciate the democracy, liberty and alike values promoted by politicians in America. But casting our mind back on the recent decades, you would see that America has taken military actions in other countries for a lot of times, from President Colinton to the current President. It is as a matter of fact bare invation!!! why America troops stride into Lybia since it's the business of citizen in Lybia to deal with their own demonstic affair? I kwow there is a profit-related reason. BUt then why do America pomote values of Freedom, demoncracy, Literacy, Fair and alike to the world while they are acting totally against their own belief? I feel like being fooled~~~I want to know how people in America view the deeds of their government in this regard? and How could they merge what they say and what they do?
Or even , unluckily, the so-called demoncracy you have advocated is only limited to Ameirca citizens rather than Earth citizens? If that is so, the world itself is actually a big lie and there is no reason for existence of website like TED, though i love it so much!!

PLUS: Friends in America please do not resent me for this question, as we are communicating on a liberating and open mind TED.


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    Mar 28 2011: The Arab league asked for the support. And, atleast the USA will try to do something about human rights. China just ignors it. Maybe China should get out of Tibet. Maybe Europe should look at its own histoy on human rights.

    If the US was so crazed about oil then we would drill more. Why would we risk human life if we can make money on it by drilling at home?

    The US has stood up for human right with military without taking over. Kuwait, Yugoslavia, WW2, korea. Not to mention the US have over come its own human rights issues in many ways. The US is not perfect, but at least it is not a coward.
    • Mar 29 2011: I have heard about of talks about the danger of listening only one story. As it goes, Paul you said China just ignores the human rights and China should get out of Tibet. I guess you get to know the story of Tibet from the propagandizing of western media or the Dalai Lama. Have you ever listen to the voice of the Chinese government?
      TO be honest,when in primary school I was taught by the government that tibet, the same as the other provinces like Sinkiang, Fujian etc are part of China. As i am not an expert on this area, and also, to avoid that i might be missled by the sole story told by the Chinese government, I have checked this issue with one of my classmate who is quite an expert on this aspect. He told me that it was a rather complicated issue. Before the foundation of the new China, the social system in Tibet was still slavery, and people in TIbet lead a misery life. During the national domestic war, the communist party turned over the governing of the slave owners and setted those massive slaves free to establish the new China, as they did in other provinces. Such a revolution definitely hurted the profit of the slave owners. Currently, tibet is one of the autonomous region in China. He also mentioened that actually most of the people in Tibet now are leading a better life now than they did in the slavery society. Hence there are only a samll fraction of the people whose interests have been undermined protesting against the Chinese government.
      that is the story i heard, and again, as i do not know much about the real situation, i can not decide the extent of the authenticity of the story. But i would like to share some of my personal experience. There are 56 nationalities in China, Han nationality is the major nationality having a large population, and the other 55 are minor nationalities, lncluding those in Tibet. I remembered that in my high school, there are also about 20 students from TIbet, the school provides a lot of previleges for

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