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Leadership and success are both primarily intra-personal dynamics, yet most of us contextualize them as inter-personal. Your thoughts?

Most people most of the time think of leadership and success both only within the context of "leading other people" or "success because I have this title, which most others don't have" or "success because I have this amount of money, which few other people have" and so on and so on.

I'm finishing a book on leadership and success which considers both as not synonymous, but inexorably interlinked, with one always accompanied by the other and, more importantly, with them being totally intra-personal phenomenons. These phenomenons are often accompanied with the external and inter-personal results people often misconstrue as leadership or success, but they aren't the same.

I'm very interested in other's perspective and thoughts on this subject. Would love to have a robust dialogue. Thanks so much for your input and your time!



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    Dec 16 2012: Based on my observations and my experiences, I agree that 'intra-personal' success is profoundly dependent on intra-personal dynamics. Inspiration may be derived from 'inter-personal' leadership. But personal leadership prevails when it comes to surviving and succeeding in the journey of life.
    • Dec 19 2012: Agreed Madhavi. It all begins and ends within the individual. I cannot lead you and you will not follow if I am not a congruent visionary and communicator with values, beliefs, behaviors and vision you buy into. And when you buy into me (or don't) it's because of who I am. The stories I am telling myself about myself, my vision, my needs, my perceptions, etc. You either buy me/my stories or you don't. You follow me or not. You don't follow some "leadership framework" I've cleverly decided I'm going to use to cause you to follow me. Thanks for your contribution. Cheers.

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