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Leadership and success are both primarily intra-personal dynamics, yet most of us contextualize them as inter-personal. Your thoughts?

Most people most of the time think of leadership and success both only within the context of "leading other people" or "success because I have this title, which most others don't have" or "success because I have this amount of money, which few other people have" and so on and so on.

I'm finishing a book on leadership and success which considers both as not synonymous, but inexorably interlinked, with one always accompanied by the other and, more importantly, with them being totally intra-personal phenomenons. These phenomenons are often accompanied with the external and inter-personal results people often misconstrue as leadership or success, but they aren't the same.

I'm very interested in other's perspective and thoughts on this subject. Would love to have a robust dialogue. Thanks so much for your input and your time!



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  • Dec 16 2012: BTW, this is obviously my perspective. I'm interested in others' perspectives and input. Linda, I know what you are saying and don't completely disagree with you (although I may in small part). Sorry if I wasn't initially clear and I hope my response was a little more clear. I'm battling a fever and flu and wanted to post this while I have the time. Thanks for your patience and input.

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