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Universities as hubs for local business innovation

Incubators/ accelerator Universities

Schools have tremendous knowledge and capable students and teachers that are willing to help on real life problems that start-ups and companies face. Is it possible to connect the companies or ideas with a school to form a long term integral solution for the company, institute and students?

In my current opinion i am slightly biased since i am working on this project from a university perspective, and am not sure if a more global expansion is relevant for other regions, institutes and students. There for i wanted to hear thought on the concept from the great TED crowd.

For students it should offer:
- Better assignments
- Better internships
- Better knowledge
- Better research questions.
- Better guidance.
- Better job market potential.

For teachers it would offer:
- Better research projects for their own curriculum and knowledge in the institute.
- More involvement with Live companies instead of theories.
- Better commitment to the projects and groups.

For the institute it would offer:
- Integral long term relations with local industries.
- Better Quality of education for students
- More internal development of knowledge
- Ability to specialize towards the market demands

For the company:
- A Innovative partner in business development
- A one stop shop for research, interns and creative dialogue over multiple disciplines.
- A long term relation with a single peer instead of many.


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  • Dec 17 2012: I think it really great idea of developing relationships between big companies and top universities. But who will pay for it?
    • Dec 18 2012: Since the value is generated for the businesses they should invest in it as they do in consultancy. Other than that schools have the internal resources as teachers (and off course the students) on the payroll which can adjust their program to have a more practical and relevant approach to the real life problems of companies from their field of expertise.

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