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Do you think that immorality is more supported by people?

Almost all of us can tell what's right and what's wrong. And many of us try to stay away from what we believe is wrong. But when it comes to reinforcing others actions by admiration, I see that immoral actions and figures seem to be more supported than the moral ones.

Do you see the same?


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    Dec 19 2012: Ghina, It is some times easier to answer if you provide a bio. The philosophy of morality is ethics. A moral code is a system of morality (according to a particular philosophy, religion, culture, etc.) I would guess that you are very conservative. Most of what we believe is derived by our culture. As you may have guess by the replies most of TED members are very liberal and many athiests. Within our culture we have had it defined to us what is good and what is bad. As we venture out into the world we find that not all people hold these same values. Even within my area as I do not fit the norm as I am married and faithful, do not drink, and hold religious values.

    I do see what you mean though. I would have thought that the people would have ran Bill Clinton out of office for his many affairs ... his popularity among democrats increased. JFK same thing. FDR same thing. In our sports heros and politicians cheating, lying, stealing, drunkiness, unfaithfulness, and all the things we were taught were "bad" have become acceptable.

    My suggestion is that we live our lives as an example to others and "choose the right" in our dealing with others. The one person that you must answer to is in the mirror every morning. The sign over my door for my children and all the family to serve as a guide reads simple "RETURN WITH HONOR".

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Dec 20 2012: Thank you,

      And I have updated my profile!
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        Dec 20 2012: It was my pleasure .... Your bio was a kind act that will allow us to answer in a more direct and applicable manner .... therefore .... thank you.


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