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Do you think that immorality is more supported by people?

Almost all of us can tell what's right and what's wrong. And many of us try to stay away from what we believe is wrong. But when it comes to reinforcing others actions by admiration, I see that immoral actions and figures seem to be more supported than the moral ones.

Do you see the same?


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  • Dec 20 2012: A man with no money,when he is hungry enough, will go into a store and steal something to eat. Is he acting immorally or out of necessity. He knows right from wrong but is stimulated by hunger to act against what he knows is right. Unfortunately, people act the same when it comes to money and power. Even small bits of them will cause someone to act wrongly. Have you ever been "power played?" If people don't change, I fear the worst for mankind.
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      Dec 20 2012: So your saying that its the need what's making people ignore morality. It does make sense, especially when looking at what's going on in the regions that suffer from poverty.

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