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Do you think that immorality is more supported by people?

Almost all of us can tell what's right and what's wrong. And many of us try to stay away from what we believe is wrong. But when it comes to reinforcing others actions by admiration, I see that immoral actions and figures seem to be more supported than the moral ones.

Do you see the same?


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    Dec 19 2012: With the advent of popular culture, there has been a mass desensitization of many topics. These days, children are able to watch violent videos and access information that they shouldn't have access to. It's not the fact that immorality is supported more by people; we still praise good deeds and actions. It's the fact that over time, as technology has increased connectivity and the mass distribution of informatiom, people have become desensitized, and as a result, we are doing actions that would have been considered immoral about a decade or two ago.
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      Dec 19 2012: Jerry is it possible to suggest just maybe that the actions your were refering to were never immoral in the first place "a decade or two ago"?
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        Dec 19 2012: Discussing what happens in the bedroom in public used to be taboo. Now, people make nasty comments all over the 'Net about who's going out with whom. You're right, perhaps not "a decade or two ago"; perhaps even sooner.

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