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Do you think that immorality is more supported by people?

Almost all of us can tell what's right and what's wrong. And many of us try to stay away from what we believe is wrong. But when it comes to reinforcing others actions by admiration, I see that immoral actions and figures seem to be more supported than the moral ones.

Do you see the same?


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    Dec 17 2012: I suggest we don't agree 100% on what is right or wrong.

    Most of us might agree on some issues, but disagree on others.

    For example opinions are split on whether homosexuality is immoral or not. Whether woman should be allowed to drive a car. Whether parents can decide to mutilate their children's genitals for religious reasons. Or whether we eat pork.

    Could you give some examples of admiration for immoral acts?

    I'm not sure if you are referring to voyerism, people enjoying reading about people doing bad things, or actually supporting people who do bad things. If the latter then perhaps to some, the bad things are not bad. I applaud the women in Saudi protesting by driving cars. I support gay rights advocates. I don't see them ass immoral.
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      Dec 19 2012: Obey, I agree with your narrative of explaining specific positions and matters within their context in the way and manner each behavior affect our social dynamics with one another; which, of cause its relevant to how we see our world or the lens with which we view our world. I think in the issue of morality we should give all attention and show respect to every side in matters of faith, believe or of personal narrative, knowing that every one some measure passion to their values in relate to their presumable influence in society.
      I think we may strongly disagree with our opponent on a variety of subjects on social issues but we should not make light, dismissed them or make a caricature of their position in any debate, because our behaviors are intrinsic and they are here to stay. The difference between a Patriot and a Rebel is “power”, the more we understand difference we would see similarities, and the closer we can get to peaceful co-existence is in a pluralistic society. Good job, Obey.

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