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Do you think that immorality is more supported by people?

Almost all of us can tell what's right and what's wrong. And many of us try to stay away from what we believe is wrong. But when it comes to reinforcing others actions by admiration, I see that immoral actions and figures seem to be more supported than the moral ones.

Do you see the same?


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    Dec 19 2012: It only seems like immorality has more supporters, but in fact morality does. For every strip club, casino or any place that may be considered immoral there are ten churches, temples, YMCAs, food banks, homeless shelters, etc.
    Hollywood and its friend politics is why it seems immorality is in the majority, the reality they are just more vocal.

    Life is a game (created by God for us) and what fun is a game without bad guys to smash and puzzles to solve?
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      Dec 19 2012: The "game" comment suggests that "smashing bad guys" contributes to success and happiness. Are we to develop a society that attempts to eradicate the "bad guys" to and have a society with just "good guys"? Remember that morality is subjective to a certain degree.
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        Dec 19 2012: Jerry: "Remember that morality is subjective to a certain degree."

        And there is the Puzzle :) Boy this game is fun!

        P.S. to clarify what I mean by smash, I’ll state some of the weapon options; kindness, charity, forgiveness, education, etc. plus not all bad guy are external.

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