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Is it possible to start another Renaissance?

The original Renaissance began in Southern Italy and proceeded to spread through most of Europe. The Medici family had a large part to do with this by commissioning paintings and allowing creativity to flow.

Is it possible with enough money and to start another age in which the outpouring of creativity was so great that it's works are looked to as the pinnacle of achievement? Or am I just being naive?


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    Dec 15 2012: The amount of energy/resources applied in creative directions plus the opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas have possibly never been greater than today. What is also true, though, is that with so many people engaged in these pursuits, it is harder for any particular ones to stand out.
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      Dec 15 2012: Which is a good thing as the standing out part (notoriety) is a liability to the individual.
    • Dec 22 2012: Hi Fritzie!

      When we talk about a future (or existing) Renaissance, I look at where chess research was 20 years ago and where it is today. It used to take years to put together a "good" book i.e. vast research, consultation with professionals and tests over the board.

      Any book written on chess theory PC (pre-computer) dealing with analysis is generally scoffed at. Anyone can sit down with a strong computer today and generate theory better than the strongest World Champion could 20 years ago---I know because I've done this and yet am only an average player. It used to take years to assemble classic games from around the World; now it can be done with the click of a mouse. "Anyone" can write a decent book on chess theory just by allowing machines to chew on positions for hours.

      But with the rise in computing we see the steady erosion of intellectual property. Will copyright law catch up to the computer? An "urban myth" used to be that a poor man's copyright was to mail a letter to himself left unopened upon receipt until the need arose. Does posting on the internet for the first time constitute the creation of intellectual property i.e. copyrighted material?

      Can we ever get another Renaissance in the absence of acknowledgement of intellectual property? As long as we blur primacy of ideas we have what is, in effect, the return of intellectual communism where everyone is equal yet some are more equal than others. Those capable of garnering infatuation by the press will be promoted; those not facile in modern communication will fall by the wayside.

      When I look at a Renaissance Man, I think of Ben Franklin. He was so accomplished in so many fields that it would be all but impossible for anyone today to excel in as many fields as he excelled.

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