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I have a huge problem and really I need help solving it.

where I live and probably where you live too, there is a huge problem with stay cats and dogs. Most are gathered up by the cities animal control office and killed. Hundreds and thousands a week.

I thought the private animal shelters were the answer so I began volunteering my time and money at couple in my hometown only to find out they are corrupt.

There is little or no regard for the health and welfare of the animals and it is all about the numbers and the money.

I believe in a no kill society and am giving everything I have to the idea but not making any progress. There are many other volunteers who agree with me and will support me, but I do not know what to do.

I've gathered enough information to understand that the owner is making a living from the shelter, and keeping all the money instead of spending it on sick, injured animals that are suffering. How do I change a corrupt private shelter? I don't want to report the owner and risk the lives of the cats that are there.

I came here with my problem because the people on this website are among the most intelligent and reasonable I know. I am open to any suggestions, please help if you can.


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    Dec 19 2012: No, your English isn't bad. Somehow Maddies sounded like an Australian word to me. Jesse, I just called my local police department in Glendale, California. They told me that in Glendale, if I reported animal cruelty, the first people to come out and decide if there really is animal cruelty would be the police themselves. So perhaps you need to contact your local police.

    Another possibility would be to write your local newspaper, a second would be for all the volunteers to quit at the same time. But if you really want change, I think you need to find out what people really have the power and ask for their help. Very likely it is the police.
    • Dec 21 2012: Great advice. Each sounds well thought, thank you. I like the idea of organizing the volunteers. There has actually been discussion of just that.
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        Dec 21 2012: Yeah, although he may be able to just get more volunteers. I still think you need to find out who has the power to stop animal cruelty, because after all it is against the law. If I get my energy up, I'll contact Buffalo, NY city hall or police and ask who would officially investigate animal cruelty. Don't worry, I won't give your name or describe the situation specifically, I'll just ask generically what a person would do if they want to report animal cruelty. Or you can do this.

        Jess, you have a nice sensivitivity. Maybe you could be a veterinarian. Where are you going with your life, or what is your ambition?

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