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I have a huge problem and really I need help solving it.

where I live and probably where you live too, there is a huge problem with stay cats and dogs. Most are gathered up by the cities animal control office and killed. Hundreds and thousands a week.

I thought the private animal shelters were the answer so I began volunteering my time and money at couple in my hometown only to find out they are corrupt.

There is little or no regard for the health and welfare of the animals and it is all about the numbers and the money.

I believe in a no kill society and am giving everything I have to the idea but not making any progress. There are many other volunteers who agree with me and will support me, but I do not know what to do.

I've gathered enough information to understand that the owner is making a living from the shelter, and keeping all the money instead of spending it on sick, injured animals that are suffering. How do I change a corrupt private shelter? I don't want to report the owner and risk the lives of the cats that are there.

I came here with my problem because the people on this website are among the most intelligent and reasonable I know. I am open to any suggestions, please help if you can.


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    Dec 14 2012: The promotion of animal-keeping in society is something I have a big issue with. Primarily because many owners don't *keep* their pets, they largely leave them to roam the region unsupervised and unspayed, and this is where much of the issue stems from.

    You say that you don't want to report the owner, but its worth knowing that reporting doesn't necessarily equate to having the centre shut down. In most cases it will lead to an inspection, fines, frequent checks and then closure, only if the requirements aren't met.

    If you can verify that the issue in question is as high as you believe
    (Ideally evidence of how many animals are caught per month or proof of the government/council spending on this issue and the centres) then you could always contact your government/council and promote the idea of a basic advertising campaign and temporary subsidies for animal spaying.
    This would theoretically decrease the number of animals over time (thus less of the issue in question).

    If you can verify the issue enough, the government/council could infact consider it if it will save money in the long-run, (such as health insurance companies paying for yearly examinations and contraception, because treating late-stage illness and pregnancy are vastly more expensive than all the exams and contraception combined).

    The only immediate(ish) answer would be to
    1. Volunteer in all of the local shelters
    2. Get significant levels over evidence over successive days-weeks-months
    3. Open your own shelter
    4. Continuously leak out the evidence in pieces, consistently reporting the other shelters until they're forced to close down.
    5. Gain all of the animals and monopolize the industry.

    Unfortunately theres no quick or cheap solution that I'm aware of.
    • Dec 19 2012: I already Googled shelters in my area and contacted every one for the very reason you suggest. None of them were really operating, they did not have a building or cats. They supposedly had a "network of foster homes" apparently scamming money from grant and government agencies is big business.

      I have been volunteering with this shelter for about 8 years. I do work public adoption events and I clean at the shelter on my day off. I not only donate time and care, I donate money, buy supplies etc..

      The longer I am there, the more I see and learn. There are cats being left to die and suffer when all they need is care. But the money is being hoarded.

      I want to open my own shelter, I have started reading on filing for 501c and gaining non-profit status. I don't have a lot of money, I work full time plus overtime for what I have. I like all of your ideas, you have given me much to consider, thank you for sharing!!

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