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Superintendent , Madison District Public Schools

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Should parents, teachers and other personnel be able to carry a concealed weapon in a school?

Recently, legislation was passed in Michigan that gives people the ability to carry a concealed weapon in a school, hospital, church and other open areas (stadiums, shopping malls,etc.). Proponents say the legislation requires those carrying a license to have increased training and that this law would increase public safety. Opponents, say adding the opportunity for an increase in weapons in places that should be the most safe, such as schools, hospitals and churches is a bad idea will lead to something tragic.


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  • Dec 14 2012: Pardon Me Mr Superintendent

    I would like to know how many Parents, Teachers, and "other" Personnel ......you would have to have in an Elementary School to have prevented this?


    secondly.....why would you choose that option rather then choose one that would begin to address the enormous Karmic Energy Imbalance within the Society of United State of America?

    For some strange reason you seem to think that carrying weapons in a "concealed" fashion is somehow a positive deterrent! I believe that is one more step in the Growing National Mental Insecurities ...and not to be smiled about.
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      Dec 14 2012: I don't think you should assume the superintendent poses this question because he supports guns in schools. I think most school employees and administrators would like to see guns kept as far away as possible from children.
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      Dec 15 2012: "Karmic Energy Imbalance"? The swath of slaughter carved-out in Sandy Creek was the result of "KEI"? Really? I think we should continue looking for the root cause of this oft repeated horror.
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      Dec 15 2012: Ed,

      I do not support guns in schools...not at all. I began posing this debate because of a new law being passed in Michigan that gives the people the ability to carry concealed weapons in schools. Not long after, the events in Connecticut took place.
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        Dec 17 2012: Why do you bring that up? No one's personal stance of this issue matters. Whether you favor or oppose the question does not effect the exchange of opinions and ideas. Are you implying some association between the new law in your state and the nightmare in Connecticut? Thank you, and watch over those kids!
      • Dec 17 2012: Randy

        Trusting this finds you and yours well.

        In closing off here, and reflecting of the Newtown Memorial Service of this ev.

        ......I in my heart feel that the Representative of the "New Hope Church" covered the essence most completely when he pointed out that it is not the 20 + 7 we must be praying for ...because they are in good hands ...it is most important to direct hope/presence to those here in material / earthy form and bring presence within it.

        Perhaps(hopefully) the Rep of the Roman Catholic Church was also effective in his directness... when he said ...Paraphrasing here ..."we must move from a Culture of Death to a Culture of Life"

        I did not what to imply your support of guns ....only that it is the Presence state of all involved which will calm a potential conflict ..and nothing else (weapons or no weapons)

        I wish You and Yours a JOY-filled and Safe.... Holiday Season, and Future

        Be Well Be Present


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