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I believe life proves gods existence.

The natural way of the universe is entropy. However life as we know it is only getting more and more complex and ordered. This would seem to go against the notion of entropy. I like to think that god has something to do with instilling a sense of order in a chaotic universe.


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  • Mar 28 2011: Comparing a generality of a big picture to something on the macro level doesn't prove anything. Over the course of the past century, inflation has gone up. However, that doesn't mean that there was never a time where it trended in the other direction over a limited period of time within the last century. I can't say that because the overall trend of the economy is for inflation to go up, the fact that there was no inflation or there was a reversal of inflation for a time proves there must be some supreme power controlling the economy that must have intervened to make the trend reverse or stop on a macro level.

    So, your theory that a trend on a macro level going against that of the main trend of the universe at large proves the existence of a higher power, isn't actually able to prove anything beyond the fact that macro level trends don't necessarily follow the overall trend.
    • Mar 28 2011: i guess i just have more faith in humanity to spread out through the universe
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        Mar 29 2011: your faith will take 4.3 years to reach Proxima Centauri provided its travelling at the speed of light.
      • Mar 30 2011: Eh, I completely believe if we survive long enough we'll spread out throughout the universe, but that doesn't make your false proof a true proof. ((Macro level trend != big picture trend) == proof) != true

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