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Join TED Speakers John Bohannon and Carl Flink Monday, 12/17 to delve into the super-awkward world of "The Facts of Life"!

When you were a kid, did your parents ever sit you down for THAT conversation? As in, the "facts of life", "the birds & the bees"? Or was it all just too awkward? If you're a parent now, have you talked with your kids?

Join TED speakers John Bohannon and Carl Flink of Black Label Movement to delve into the super-awkward: Monday, December 17th at 4:30 pm Eastern, here on TED Conversations.

Watch their TED-ED video here: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/let-s-talk-about-sex-john-bohannon-and-black-label-movement


Closing Statement from TED

From Carl Flink:

John and I thank everyone for tuning into the conversation about our Talk. I think we all quickly revealed the humor and seriousness of this critical subject and the broad range of experiences around it. We hope that our presentation continues to catalyze conversations around talking about sex and also thinking about how TED talks can incorporate different elements such as live performers beyond the tried and true powerpoint structure.

From John Bohannon:

A big THANKS to everyone who took part in my survey. Here are the results:

1. When you were young, did your parents or another adult talk to you about "the facts of life"?

Yes, I got the low-down on both sex and drugs.
Yes, but only about sex.
Yes, but only about drugs.
No, I had to learn things the hard way.

2. If you have teenage kids (or older), did you (or someone) tell them about "the facts of life" yet?

Yes, they received the wisdom about sex and drugs.
Yes, but so far only about sex.
Yes, but so far only about drugs.
No, that conversation never happened. Awkward!

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    Dec 17 2012: I also think that we as a society seriously need to stop calling it "the talk," as if it only has to happen once.
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      Dec 17 2012: Agreed. I was serious about Aja's "nudge" strategy.
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      Dec 17 2012: Agreed! One of my favorite people in the world, Cliff Simon (http://www.cliffcakes.com/cake/) says that the more you talk about something like it's normal, the more normal it becomes. He had a lover for years before he realized the reason people didn't take it seriously or accept it as normal is because he never talked about it like it was normal.

      Maybe if we just casually slip sex into daily conversations -- not perversely or immaturely (though there are times for that, I would argue) -- we can start a culture around "the talk" that is less 1950's and more Facebook-wall-esque.
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      Dec 17 2012: Couldn't agree more. We need to stop highlighting something that is everywhere and in all of us as if it is somehow unusual requiring of "special treatment." Don't get me wrong this is serious stuff and we need to help ourselves and our children understand it, but I certainly know I want my children to understand it as a beautiful and normal part of their lives.
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        Dec 17 2012: You know, I would argue that I am going to use calculus much less often in my life than I am going to use sex. However, I was required to take years of it in school. I had tutors and went to labs. So much energy was expended to help me understand. Why can't we treat sex that way. It's a daily exercise in some cases. But, we treat it like a secret! Haha! I wish this was the other way around and we treated calculus this way. :)

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