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Join TED Speakers John Bohannon and Carl Flink Monday, 12/17 to delve into the super-awkward world of "The Facts of Life"!

When you were a kid, did your parents ever sit you down for THAT conversation? As in, the "facts of life", "the birds & the bees"? Or was it all just too awkward? If you're a parent now, have you talked with your kids?

Join TED speakers John Bohannon and Carl Flink of Black Label Movement to delve into the super-awkward: Monday, December 17th at 4:30 pm Eastern, here on TED Conversations.

Watch their TED-ED video here: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/let-s-talk-about-sex-john-bohannon-and-black-label-movement


Closing Statement from TED

From Carl Flink:

John and I thank everyone for tuning into the conversation about our Talk. I think we all quickly revealed the humor and seriousness of this critical subject and the broad range of experiences around it. We hope that our presentation continues to catalyze conversations around talking about sex and also thinking about how TED talks can incorporate different elements such as live performers beyond the tried and true powerpoint structure.

From John Bohannon:

A big THANKS to everyone who took part in my survey. Here are the results:

1. When you were young, did your parents or another adult talk to you about "the facts of life"?

Yes, I got the low-down on both sex and drugs.
Yes, but only about sex.
Yes, but only about drugs.
No, I had to learn things the hard way.

2. If you have teenage kids (or older), did you (or someone) tell them about "the facts of life" yet?

Yes, they received the wisdom about sex and drugs.
Yes, but so far only about sex.
Yes, but so far only about drugs.
No, that conversation never happened. Awkward!

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    Dec 17 2012: I'm gay, but my parents talked to me about how sex works between a man and a woman. I wonder if any of you parents will talk to your kids about heterosexual AND homosexual relations. I mean, many of these kids already have preferences, but for those that do not, I think it's important to inform them about sex in the most general terms (between two people that are in love or two people that are attracted to each other -- not just between a man and a woman). Does that make sense?
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      Dec 17 2012: My sense is that society has a long way to go before any but the most liberated heterosexual parents will talk to their kids about homosexuality. But I hope that will change fast.
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      Dec 17 2012: Fantastic question, Jordan. This is something that we have already had multiple conversations about in our household. The various debates around so-called "Marriage Amendments" prompted us to have talks with our daughters about what marriage is and how we as parents think about it. It was so interesting to hear from my 10 year-old before we ever said anything to them about this, "Dad, I don't understand why I can't marry anyone that I love and want to be with." Wow, from the mouths of babes.
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      Dec 17 2012: It makes so much sense. I think a lot of parents would use the excuse that it tends to come up because kids have asked where babies come from, but that just makes for a good starting point. You just have to answer the question you've been asked, but the question that small children might not yet know enough to ask.
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      Aja B. 20+

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      Dec 17 2012: I have no doubt this will be a part of our conversations around sex, since it's already a normal part of our world. One of our daughter's friends has two moms, we walk past affectionate gay couples when we're out and about, etc. It's standard now to hear other toddler parents hedging on the sex of their kid's future spouse. :)

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