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How can we learn from reading more efficiently?

Everyday I look at my bookshelf and see the 10+ books I have begun to read and am still immensely fascinated in. Within a month, I probably purchase 4-6 books on average. It's overwhelming! There is so much that I am interested in, that sometimes I can't help but feel defeated.

My question to the brilliant TED community is...

How can I read more efficiently?

This primarily involves getting through more books with higher levels of comprehension. How can I get through everything I want to read without completely neglecting the people in my life? The more I read, the more I want to read about. It's a vicious cycle.

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    Dec 14 2012: Northrop Frye,wrote a very good book,called "The Educated Imagination.Itt may explain to you why you crave reading,why it is so very important for creating the subconscious,as well as explaining differences in truth and cultural behaviour. It is 97 pages long,and will explain the need for social lying ,which is difficult to figure out on your own. The passages on books explains how they enlarge our sense of what is possible,so we are not limited by our designations ascribed to us by birth,sex ,race,money...book reading breaks all these labels and frees you to expand limitlessly beyond ....I once went missing from my family and friends for ten years...they barely noticed....when dealing with guilt on such matters,I draw a diagram in quadrants of each obligation,passion,ect..then I try to imagine achieving it all,realizing the impossibility.......however,with this diagram I submitted my request to myself..and ten years later I have arrived tobe better at all the quadrants...be patient...be great at things tales skill,which takes experience..you have to earn it ...sorry

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