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What Is The Correct Answer?

We are all influenced by politics. It's either directly through education and participation, or it materializes because of influence applied through legislation or regulation.

People seem to hold political views based on their own personal opinion. However, I don't think they consider long-term impacts, and long-term impacts are probably the only real reason we have government regulation.

I don't believe we can move forward on the back of general opinion. If we can acknowledge that many people are not educated when it comes to economics and general government procedure how can we value a popular vote?

I think it is important that we begin to educate ourselves on how things really work. Economics is not so complicated that you cannot, at the very least, understand the basic concepts.

How important do you think education is?

More importantly...do you believe we should have a global focus....or continue to run our country by how people feel in that given year?

I think we need to apply legislation according to its long-term impacts as it relates to our long-term goals. It's really the only thing that makes sense.

So the next time people on TV are talking about "EQUITY" or "CDO" you should probably take a look at what those terms mean.

Further than that...let's stop making our electoral system a joke. If you go out and vote please ensure you research your candidates.

Voting based on the color of the pin he or she wears...is obviously ridiculous.


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    Dec 13 2012: Firstly,…EDUCATION is Paramount…period

    Secondly,...the current global economic model, which insists on a climate of unemployment and poverty as necessary, is unsustainable and will continue to oscillate between flight and crash scenarios until it finally crashes so badly that we have no choice but change it because it's foundations will be irretrievable.

    Thirdly,…We in the US do not live in a democracy, we live in an oligarchy. We do not have any measurable influence over where the money running through our government comes from nor how it is used and if you doubt the validity of this accusation then take a Close look at our government's actions both domestically and abroad over the last 60 years.

    Having only the two sides of the same coin to choose a candidate from is not a choice, it's a manipulation...

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